We're the first recruiting company in Korea to be licensed by the Korean government.
Reena Education
is the most reputable recruiting company in Korea in providing qualified native English speaking teachers to universities, training centers, public schools, institutes and companies.

We want to provide a special opportunity to qualified teachers with worry free-living conditions in Korea. We want the teachers to truly experience our unique culture and the people. In Korea, finding the right institution or university to teach can be the greatest task. Unfortunately many foreign English teachers have fallen victims to many unethical institutions. For this reason, Reena Education is dedicated to providing our teachers with the support that helps them achieve their ideal place to teach. We won't leave you stranded.

At Reena Education, we focus on staffing qualified English native speakers to most reputable institutions and universities in Korea through our resources and reputation. We provide teachers with all the necessary information to satisfy all the questions and requirements e.g. visa, visa transfer, housing, airfare, etc.

Through Reena Education hundreds of teachers in Korea have experienced unique pleasure of teaching English.

We're ready to work with you.